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Introducing The Foundation

Welcome to The Foundation, a place for you to discover, learn, and interact on topics ranging from all-natural skincare, to ongoing social movements. We continuously stay ahead of the curve on beauty trends, skincare innovations, the newest in hair care, and you best believe our office, homes and life are scented with the best fragrances on the market. And now you’ll be the first to know about emerging topics and trends, as we leak the newest innovations and best kept secrets in the beauty world.


You’ll not only get the first scoop on body scrubs, and luxe liquid eyeliners, but updates and stories of ongoing efforts that individuals, nonprofits, and brands are undertaking to change the world we live in. Whether learning tips on how you can help slow climate change, or hearing stories about empowered women leading others, you will have the chance to like, comment, and share your opinions on the topics that are closest to your heart!


Here at BeautyKind, Beauty is our passion and Kindness is our cause. We’re proud to provide a platform to engage with our fellow BeautyLovers about stories, movements, and trends that make you radiate with joy.


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