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Gorgeous Cosmetics All-in-One Eye Shadow Palette Blue Eyes Dune Sand True Taupe Matte Peach Sunset Fab


Gorgeous Cosmetics All-in-One Blue Eyes
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Let your eyes have center stage with our new All-in-One Palette. These 4 shades of Colour Pro eye shadow are designed to bring out and accentuate your unique eye color. Combine two colors for a subtle compliment or all four contrasting pop to your eye color. 

Shades Included -
Dune sand colored highlighter
True Taupe matte finish golden brown
Peach Sunset warm tan with a soft matte finish
Fab - chocolate brown with a golden sheen

how to use

These palettes can be used to achieve multiple looks
Use one shade for a simple look or add coordinating shades to build a more artistic eye
The deeper shades can also be applied with a fine brush for a liner effect

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