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Whish Ammo Kit Self Tanner Milk Correcting Gel Hair Inhibiting Shave Cream


Whish Ammo Kit
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Kit includes Coconut Milk Self Tanner, Coconut Milk Correcting Gel, and Coconut Milk Shave Cream.

Coconut Self Tanner is an all over body butter with self tanner and natural firming ingredients to boot. With its amazing moisturizing ingredients, this is the perfect every day, all over tanner for keeping your skin soft, smooth and radiant.

Coconut Milk Correcting Gel-By stimulating lineolic and panthotenic acids, UV-oxidized skin appears less damaged. Then we have loads of soothing ingredients including manuka honey, organic acai berry extract, and organic chinese boxthorn to plump you up with moisture. When applied post-sun, our Correcting Gel's compound of ingredients is clinically proven to decrease the appearance of sun damage with results similar to applying SPF20 prior to sun exposure. 

Hair Inhibiting Shave Cream-We've brilliantly combined our richly moisturizing Shave Crave with the hair inhibiting action of our Shave Savour, to create a shave cream that's clinically proven to reduce hair growth. All this and it's made with deliciously natural and gently organic ingredients.

3 x 1.7 Oz

how to use

Self Tanner
Apply a small amount to desired area and massage into skin, rinse hands after use

Correcting Gel
Apply a small amount to desired area and massage into skin

Shave Cream
Apply a small amount to desired area in a circular motion for a smooth, close, nourishing shav while inhibiting hair growth

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