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GHD Paddle Brush


GHD Paddle Brush
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A must-have, do-everything brush for static-free detangling, smoothing, taming and blow-drying.

It's designed with a broad flat base that makes it ideal for styling large sections of hair. Its soft-touch, non-slip finish handle allows for more control while you style and its rounded tips are perfect for smoothing hair into pontyails and updos.

Broad flat base ideal for styling large sections of hair
Soft touch, non slip finish handle
Professional design & hand finished

how to use

For a quick and sleek blow-dry
Blast-dry hair until 80% dry
Brush hair from root to tip using swift stokes while following the direction of your brush with your hairdryer
Ensure your dryer's nozzle is on to concentrate the air flow

For a straight fringe that sits perfectly
Alternate between brushing to the left and right with the paddle brush, while blasting with your dryer on a low heat and medium speed setting

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