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GHD Platinum Styler Black


GHD Platinum Styler Black
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A groundbreaking no compromise styler for all hair types and textures that combines the optimum styling temperature of 365?F with breakthrough tri-zone technology to deliver 50 percent less breakage, two times more color integrity, and 20 percent more shine.

Platinum heats up to 365?F in 20 seconds and works quickly and effectively to straighten, curl, wave, and style, without compromising the health of your hair. Intelligent tri-zone
technology uses six quick-thinking sensors to ensure the optimum styling temperature is maintained consistently across the entire plate throughout stylingreducing hair breakage and
keeping the integrity of your hair color up to two times longer. Advanced, precision milled, floating, one-inch plates with a high gloss finish glide effortlessly through the hair to increase shine while the high-tech aerogel insulation keeps the styler cool to the touch even after 45 minutes of use. A patented wishbone hinge and rounded edges give you the ultimate control and allow you to easily style your hair.

Platinum comes with 1" plates, a nine-foot professional swivel cord, two-year warranty, and a heat resistant plate guard so you can style and go. Universal voltage and automatic shut-off after 30 minutes of non-use allow for worry-free styling wherever you are.

Research Results
Versus stylers operating at 450?F:
50% reduced hair breakage
2 times more color integrity
Versus untreated hair:
20% increase

how to use

Separate your hair into sections before running the styler through each section slowly
Use a comb in conjunction with the styler and go slowly (at least eight seconds per pass) for best results
For curly hair, be sure to separate hair into small sections
Platinums ergonomic design and patented wishbone hinge ensures superior results with minimum effort, meaning theres no need for you to squeeze the styler tightly during use

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