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Iluminage Touch Shaver


Iluminage Touch Shaver
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In order to maximize the efficacy of your TOUCH device, its important to first properly prepare your skin for treatment. The TOUCH is the only device that enables you to prep and treat your skin at the same time. You can manually shave the area or use the TOUCH shaver cartridge. Just snap the shaver accessory onto the main applicator to shave and treat your skin in one smooth, easy motion.


- Prep and treat your skin at the same time

For use with:

- TOUCH device
- Additional accessories: Quartz Replacement Cartridge

how to use

How to install the shaver cartridge:

- Step 1: Make sure that the TOUCH device is turned off.
- Step 2: Remove the accessorys protective cap.
- Step 3: Slide the shaver cartridge onto the applicator until clicks into place.
- Step 4: Turn on your TOUCH device.
- Step 5: Press the accessory activation button.


- DO NOT use the shaver attachment on your face.

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